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Organic Electronics (OEs) currently unfold as a rapidly expanding scientific and technological revolution and is expected to have even larger impact in our life than Microelectronics.

Organic electronic devices (OEDs) have the potential to become a low-cost alternative to the conventional inorganic counterparts, due to low material consumption and simple processing methods. OEDs will radically advance existing applications and will lead to novel applications for energy generation (organic photovoltaics-OPVs), visualization of information and lighting (organic light emitting diodes-OLEDs), electronics & communications (e.g. organic thin film transistor-OTFTs), smart information systems (RFIDs, e-paper, etc.), identification of biological systems (biosensors, environmental monitoring systems), etc.


Concept of ROleMak:  To advance the research potential of Labs from the Physics Department (PD) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece to conduct high level R&D in OEs, through:

- Strategic Partnership & Collaborations with European research groups with excellence in OEs for Know-how exchange with the AUTh team.

- Recruitment of Exceptional Scientists with internationally acknowledged expertise in OEs

- Improvement of AUTh’s Research Infrastructure, in order to act as a research entity of excellence in OEs.

- Dissemination & Exploitation of the results through conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, stakeholder meetings, round tables and other promotional and matchmaking activities.

The Objectives of ROleMak are to:

- Reinforce the S&T potential – knowledge & competences of AUTh to OEs by transferring & exchanging know-how from scientists & technology managers of excellent European Universities, Research Centers and Companies,

- Recruit experienced scientists with established expertise in OEs to work with the AUTh team,

- Upgrade the research infrastructure and peripheral equipment of AUTh to become competitive in the field of OEs. This infrastructure will be used by the ROleMak collaborators even after the end of the project reassuring, that way, the establishment of a research entity with excellence in OEs,

- Disseminate & Exploit the acquired results in OEs by organizing Conferences, Exhibitions, Round Tables and other promotional events and networking through EC projects.

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The ROleMak Project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant aggreement no 286022.